Blackjack Bonanza Pokie

Microgaming is the software producer responsible for more than 400 pokies and other casino games found online. It is, as such, quite obvious that the selection is vast. In fact they managed to produce pokies that incorporate very advanced rounds and graphics, like for example the pokie Thunderstruck II, as well as pokies that come very close to the first pokies ever produced.

When talking about the first pokies produced we are referring to those huge boxes with three reels, often holding a lever on the side, that were very popular on cruise liners, game arcades and real casinos all around the world. Some of you might even have referred to them as the one-armed bandits. Blackjack Bonanza, available on this page, is just one of these traditional pokies, but found online.


Blackjack Bonanza is perhaps the simplest type of pokie that may be found on the web. When producing such pokies Microgaming are addressing a sector of players that feel nostalgic whenever they come across classical pokies, and wish all the pokies are still like that. Blackjack Bonanza, with its single payline, bar symbols and sevens, couldn’t be more classical than this.

The settings for you to adjust are not that advanced either. You can choose to play with one, two or three coins, of which value can be set to five different levels. There is also an Expert mode for which, if we might say it, one does not need to be an expert. During this mode you can select the AutoSpin function that will spare you from the trouble of having to click the button every time you want the reels to spin.

What about wild symbols?

Although Blackjack Bonanza is a simple pokie, you will also find a wild symbol. This is not very common in classical pokies, and in this case it is represented by a knight. As with all the other more modern pokies, the wild symbol in Blackjack Bonanza will substitute for other symbols to give you payout. It is also the only symbol that pays off even if it shows up on its own on the middle line. On the other hand, three such symbols are translated into a gain of up to 1, 000 credits.

To win really big, you need to bet three coins per spin. The biggest payout in Blackjack Bonanza is given when three jacks line up on your middle line. This will grant you 4, 000 credits! On the other hand, when betting one coin, the same combination gives out 1, 000 credits, and betting two coins leads to 2, 500 credits instead. So, even though both are smaller amounts, they are still substantial. Therefore, those of you who are not willing to put so much at stake can still make good profit.

This is more or less all that has to be said about Blackjack Bonanza. The latter might not appeal to players that are expecting an action-packed pokie with advanced gaming functions. As opposed to these, players yearning to play a classical pokie will love Blackjack Bonanza.