Captain Cash Pokie

Microgaming is great at providing us with classical pokie that have curious modern twists. They’ve certainly managed to cater for all those pokie players that feel nostalgic about traditional pokies by creating online replicas of those pokies often seen in gaming arcades and real casinos. The sounds, graphics and user interaction in Captain Cash are impeccable, just as with all other Microgaming pokies. Try it out yourselves and you will understand what we’re saying.

As we just told you that Captain Cash is a traditional pokie, you are certainly expecting a pokie with three reels and three rows. In fact, this is just the case. What makes Captain Cash special, with some modern touches, is the fact that it has a wild symbol and more than one payline. Yes, you heard right, Captain Cash provides you with five paylines on which symbols can line up and give you profit. This increases your chances of making some good money.

Who else could be the wild symbol if not Captain Cash himself?

This generous sailor will help you increase your payout by replacing the other symbols. So, if you get two bar symbols and a Captain Cash symbol, this will be translated as a winning. We believe this feature makes the pokie more appealing to most players.

You might appreciate the fact that not everyone is willing to invest the same amount of money when playing. What suits you might not be the same as for your neighbour. However, this should not worry you at all. As with all other Microgaming pokies, you can adjust the settings to play according to your possibilities. You will do so by choosing to play between one and five coins at once, and by fitting the coin values at one of the five possible values. The jackpot for Captain Cash is of 5, 000 credits, and this will be translated into money value depending on the bet amount.

For all those that enjoy sitting back and watching the pokie work for you, Captain Cash also offers an AutoSpin mode. This is found by changing the display to the Expert settings, the button found on the lower left hand corner of the pokie. However, if you’re a beginner, do not hesitate to try out the Expert mode because, trust us, it is so simple that it doesn’t require an expert to function it. It just gives more settings to adjust than the other mode. Now you can try it out for free to see what you prefer.

Well, more than this there’s not to say. Players that are looking for advanced features and integrated bonus rounds might be a little bit put off by this pokie. In this case we suggest you take a look at the other pokies we offer on our page because we are more than sure that you’ll find something you like. On the other hand, nostalgic pokie players and those that don’t mind trying different things should definitely go for this one.