Champion of the Track Pokie

This pokie has a system of 30 different paylines that offer a multitude of potentail winning combinations. Of course, you will also find scatter and wild symbols, displayed as a trotting horse and a jockey respectively. Three or more scatter symbols will make you win ten free spins, whereas, as you well know, the wild symbol substitutes all other symbols to finish off winning combinations. However refrain from thinking that this is an ordinary thing common to all pokies. In this pokie, during free spins you can win career steps.

You might be asking, what are these career steps all about? The answer is simple and exciting! On the outer perimeter of the reels you will notice something similar to a track. This is your Career Track, in which you will step forward by winning during free spins, as well as during the integrated bonus round which we shall describe further on. Whilst proceeding along the track you will land on Golden Cups which will make you win a mysterious amount of coins. Exciting, right? Well, even more fascinating is the fact that when you finally land on the Champion’s Trophy, you will earn the Champion of the Track Career Bonus, and of course the higher is the stake, the bigger are the winnings.

Bonus round

Now, let’s go back to the integrated bonus round, also called A Day at the Races Bonus Round. In order to get to this round, three or more bonus symbols have to appear one after the other, starting from the leftmost reel. Then the pokie will be transformed into a virtual racetrack, wherein you will have to choose a jockey that will race agaist three others, just like when betting on horses. Keep your fingers crossed, and the faster your horse will be, the more you will get in return.

So in summary, both the free spins and the bonus round make you advance in your jockey career, besides increasing your pay out. Your target whilst playing at this pokie is to get to the career level 20, which means that you would have earned 97, 000 coins, equivalent to about €50, 000! Now here we’re talking big money! And besides this, the means to get to such an amount of money are very thrilling as well as profitable.

We must now be honest with you, and say we’re not really fond of horse races and find them a little bit boring in real life, so we were somewhat skeptical towards this pokie. However, after playing it for a while, we found it very entertaining. We can also say that Champion of the Track has found its way among our favourite pokies by NetEnt. Try it out and see what you think. Should you want to take advantage of good welcome bonuses before actually staring to play this pokie for real, we recommend you open an account with Betsafe.