Diamond Deal Pokie

It’s now time for a sparkling classical pokie produced by the famous software producer Microgaming. This is Diamond Deal and will surely go down very well to all the nostalgic pokie players. Here you will invest some money in the hope of receiving much more in return, maybe even enough to purchase lots and lots of diamonds. The maximum jackpot for Diamond Deal is of 3, 000 credits, an amount which can definitely not be underestimated.

Diamond Deal can be categorised as a classical pokie because it has three wheels, three rows and just one active payline that forms from left to right in the centre of the pokie. So, as you might well expect, your target is to line up identical symbols on this middle line and obtain different amounts of profit. The symbols used for this pokie also remind us of the good old pokies we used to play with in real casinos. The symbols include the bar symbols with different rows, traditional sevens, and colourful cherries. You will also notice diamonds of course, and a jewel box.

Diamond symbol

The diamond is the most important symbol for this pokie. For one thing, it will help you to obtain winning combinations because, since it is a wild symbol, it substitutes for almost all of the other symbols. Moreover, three diamonds on the active payline will result in the highest gain, that is the previously mentioned 3, 000 credits. However, in order to win such amount you must be playing for three coins per spins. Of course, you also have the possibility of playing for one or for two coins per spin. The coin value is fixed at 1, so unfortunately you cannot change this.

Three coins symbol

Playing for three coins is also important because it might lead you to the integrated bonus round. Yes, you heard right. This pokie, even though it is a classic, has an added round. Whenever you’re playing for three coins and get a jewel box on your display, one of the four diamond sections lights up. Once all the four parts are lit, the bonus round is activated. All you have to do here is to choose a jewel box and check what’s inside. There you’ll find a combination that will give out profit according to the values shown on the paytable.


The paytable is found on the right hand side of the pokie. The cherries and bar symbols function as they do in all the other classical pokies. So the cherries give payout even when just one or two appear on the central payline. On the other hand, bar symbols can also form winning combinations, regardless of how many rows they consist. Of course, matching bar symbols having the same amount of rows lead to more profits.

Finally before summing up, we’d like you to take a look at the lower left corner of the pokie where the Expert button is found. If you click on this you’ll notice that extra settings are added to your display. These settings enable you to automatise the pokie so that the reels spin on their own. So, this is yet another positive feature of Diamond Deal. Although, it’s not one of the most advanced pokies available, we’re sure it will appeal to some of you, especially those who prefer simple traditional pokies. In addition, Diamond Deal, also provides you with a bonus round. If you enjoyed this pokie and maybe you’d like to try something similar, maybe with a similar theme even, we suggest you also try Diamond 7s.