Double Dose Pokie

If you are afraid of needles, maybe you might think twice before trying Double Dose. However, let us assure you that this is nothing but a cartoon inspired pokie that will be fun and probably profitable. After all, if you take a look at the lovely nurse surrounded by floating hearts, you’ll surely won’t feel threatened. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll be injected with some love fever. Ideally, we hope she will also give you some nice money while doing so.

Like any other classical pokie from Microgaming, Double Dose consists of a single payline in the middle of the display onto which identical symbols should line up. It has, again just like all the other traditional pokies, three reels and three rows. Some changes are also possible when it comes to deciding how much you want to put at stake. First of all you will choose whether to play one or two coins. Then you will adjust the coin value anything from five different levels. All this is necessary to adjust the pokie to fit your wallet size.

Double Dose features

Double Dose also provides you with some extra settings. These settings can be used to make the pokie spin on its own, that is automatically. Think about it, some of you might have thought sometimes that having to click the spin button every time is an extra hassle. Well, here you can do without this hassle. Just click on the Expert button, set the amounts of spins that you want the pokie to turn and then just keep your fingers crossed. You can also decide to make the automatic spins stop once a certain amount is won.

The symbols employed for Double Dose are all classical symbols, including the bar, seven, and cherries. These functions act as they always do in the other traditional pokies. The cherries give payouts even when not lined up in threes, and the bar symbols can line up to give profits even if they have different rows. Each combination has a multiplier value associated to it, and this will be multiplied by the bet. You can view these multiplier values on the right hand side of the pokie.

Logo symbol

Besides the traditional symbols, there is also the Double Dose logo symbol. Indeed, this is the most important and valuable symbol in this pokie. First of all it is the mostly paid symbol, and if you play with two coins and line up three of these on the middle line, you will earn 1, 600 credits. Moreover, it is a wild symbol that substitutes others and forms winning combinations. One such symbol in a winning line doubles the profit, whereas if two wilds are part of the winning combo, then profits are four times as usual.

Finally we can say that the graphics used are pleasant, and that Double Dose is one of the good classical pokies. We mostly appreciated the built-in multiplier that comes together with the wild symbol. Try a few free rounds over here and see what you think of it. If you like it, let us suggest another pokie for you. Don Deal is another pokie from Microgaming that is very similar to this one.