History of Online Casinos

This is one of the few cases where the history of online casinos can be traced from the beginning. Usually, some phenomenon does not appear at once, but gradually. The emergence of online gaming coincided with the internet boom, and it is clear why. Over the past little more than 20 years, the online gambling industry in Australia and around the world has made just a giant step in development. Together, we can trace where it all began and where it has come to today.

History of Online Casinos Starts Here

And it all started in the 90’s of the last century when technology allowed people not only to make personal computers more accessible but also finally provided a stable network connection. At that time, many companies began to develop software, which was the first step to create online casinos.

Competition between companies led to a rapid growth in the quality of online gambling platforms. The prospects were quite quickly discerned, and the leading payment systems started providing their capacities to online players.

By the beginning of the 21st century, many countries had reputable online gambling providers, so there was a need to create a legal framework to regulate all processes and protect gamers. The IGA adopted in Australia in the summer of 2001 became such a law. It is still valid legislation in the country and doesn’t ban the existence of online casinos, but prohibits Australian providers to serve citizens of the country. However, Australian residents can use the services of any foreign sites without any obstacles.

Modern Online Casino History

These days, the number of online casinos has surpassed 15,000. Players around the world quickly appreciate the benefits that online casinos offer:

  • Ease of use. You can access the games at any time and from anywhere in the world where there is a good internet connection.
  • A large selection of games. Land-based casinos are unlikely to be able to accommodate a set of pokies, as opposed to an average online platform.
  • Flexibility in terms of payment. Modern online casinos accept a large number of currencies — Australian dollars, pounds, euros and so on; many platforms support operations with cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Anonymity. Respectable providers value their reputation and protect players’ personal data to the full extent.

To Sum Up

We can definitely conclude that the history of online casinos is far from its finish line. The industry undoubtedly has a great future, because the processes of technology development are also gaining momentum. Even now many sites begin to offer their customers gambling entertainment that uses virtual reality technology. It is quite possible that soon it will become commonplace for online casinos in Australia and will attract even more players.

A large number of providers today allow gamers to find an online platform, playing which they will feel most comfortable and enjoy the process.