Lucky numbers in roulette, how to guess?

The relationship between rates and odds has a long and controversial history. In fact, gambling is the ancestor of the theory of probability. Blaise Pascal, who accidentally invented the roulette wheel in his attempt to build the perpetual motion machine, fought the idea of probability mathematically. Reflecting on the notoriously complex hypothetical problem of gambling, he and Pierre de Fermat formulated the theory of probability. Before that, people had no “scientific” way to rationally predict the outcome of situations. They had to guess and trust their instinct. Despite the fact that the game is based on the theory of probability, players keep looking for lucky numbers and use programs to calculate their appearance in roulette.

Lucky numbers

Over the long history of roulette, several of the most popular numbers have emerged:

* Number 17 is in the center of the roulette field, attracting the attention of people who do not think about bets. If you ask the dealer what number to bet on the roulette wheel, the answer is always 17.

* The number 7 is the most common number that people like to bet on after 17 because it is usually considered lucky. Associated with a combination of three sevens in slots, in which the player receives the jackpot.

* The number 3 is also popular, especially in Western culture, and is associated with religion. The number 17 is considered legendary thanks to the incredible performance of Sean Connery, who won 3 times in a row, continuing to bet on it even after several failed spins.

Hot Numbers Betting

During the game, you will notice that some numbers are winning more often than others, at least for a certain period of time. This is enough to explain why such numbers are called “hot”. Experienced players believe that consistent bets on the most frequent roulette numbers can lead to better results and more winning spins. Hot numbers are the ones that have been drawn frequently in recent draws. Logically, they are more likely to fall out during the next draws. To make it easier for players to choose which number to bet on, some software providers have created virtual roulette wheels with specified hot and cold numbers. Whether a number will be hot depends solely on how many times it has dropped out with a certain number of spins. Thus, if a number appears 20 or more times in 300 spins, it is considered especially hot.

Cold Number Betting

Sometimes players tend to pick numbers that have not been drawn for a long time. These are the so-called “cold” numbers. Since the outcome in roulette is controlled by a random number generator, sooner or later the hot numbers will stop repeating. This is why some players use the opposite tactics and bet on cold numbers. It’s easier to use this tactic by playing online roulette and keeping track of the winning numbers. This makes it possible to mark numbers that did not appear, for example, during the first 30 or 40 spins of the wheel. You can see that about 10 or more numbers were not won in the first 30 spins. According to the theory of probability, they should fall out in the next draws. Once the number of “cold” numbers has been reduced to 5 or less, you can start placing small bets on each of them.

Least popular betting numbers

Roulette players prefer to avoid the number 13. His failure is well known in Western culture. However, in Italy the number 13 is lucky and the number 17 is unlucky. Players use different tactics in roulette, for example, do not bet on zeros because of their location on the board. Also, you can try your chances in the best online casinos Australia



The more famous certain numbers are, the more likely people are to place bets on them, which will further increase their popularity and luck. But it is important to remember that the probability of falling out for all numbers is exactly the same.