Play Bonus Showdown at All Slots – Win a Share Prize of $125,000!

As we approach the end of the summer, it is time to seize each and every moment, and to maximize the opportunities offered to enjoy as much as possible! A lot of options are surely available out there and it is only a matter of making the right decisions – which games are best to play and which bonuses offer you the best benefits? Luckily, the Australian mobile casinos have got it all covered for you and the most incredible promotion of them all is now on air! If you want to enjoy a share win of $125,000, if multiple prizes such as FREE SPINS, flat bonuses of up to 100 credits (which can be 10 times multiplied for SEK players), up to 5,000 loyalty points and so much more – there is absolutely no doubt the decision to Play Bonus Showdown at All Slots will be the best one you will make this year!

What? When? Where?
What? The Bonus Showdown Promotion , of course. When? Right Now! Where? In multiple casinos, including All Slots ! Now let’s dive in to the specific details…

The bonus is made up of five rounds, which spread over 5 subsequent weeks. During each week you will be able to play the different games taking part in the bonus and give yourself the opportunity to collect different amounts of cards (granted to you in direct relation to the number of days you play each week).

The first round will be taking place from September the 6 th (yes, that’s right! You can already start playing!) At 7:00 GMT and will last a whole week until September the 12 th at 23:59 GMT.
The next round will start on the next day, September 13 th at 7:00 AM, GMT, and will end up at the end of that week on September 19 th at 23:59 GMT.

Be sure to remember that the third round will start right when the second one is over, and you will be able to start collecting additional cards from September 20 th at 7:00 GMT until September 26 th at 23:50 PM, GMT.
In case you’ve got it all figured out by now you probably understand that the fourth round will start taking place right away, beginning on September 27 th at 7:00 AM, GMT, and ending up on October 3 rd at 23:59, GMT.

Last but not least is our final round which will be starting right when the previous one ends! 4 th of October will be the starting of the last few days during which you can win more prizes. The end of the round will be at October the 6 th (note this is the shortest round of the promotion, so use your time well!)

When it comes to “where”, it is important to understand that your options are almost limitless! The very best casinos will open their doors for you so you can “step inside” and start playing and winning with ease! Besides All Slots Casino , other Android casinos will let you enjoy this incredible experience! You will, quickly, be able to find – All jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and VIP Lounge Casino . Not only will you be able to participate in the bonus in whichever casino you desire, but you will also be able to surf around and check which additional promotions, benefits and prizes are best liked by you. This way, you will quickly discover a whole world of possibilities, prizes and rewards is already available for you, and it’s only a few clicks away!

What Are the Rules of the Promotion?

That’s a great question! In order to win, and especially in order to win A LOT, you must firstly understand how everything works over here and what you can do in order to be one of the major champs!

The first thing you most probably want to be informed about is the fact that once a new round starts, so does the count of the days you played so far and the prizes you are eligible to win and withdraw. The second thing that is important to know is that the more days you play – the more prizes you can win! If you choose to play three or four days during a certain round, you win 1 card which awards you 1 prize. Once playing 5 or 6 days, you guarantee yourself a wonderful benefit of two cards which will later on reward you with 2 prizes! Playing all 7 days of the promotion will guarantee you the highest prize of them all – 3 cards and therefore 3 prizes! Remember that during the first round all players are eligible to draw 1 card and win 1 prize regardless of the number of days they have played! However, during each round, after the first, you must play for at least three days in order to win your prizes!

Taking What’s Yours

You played enough days in order to start withdrawing some cards and winning your prizes? Congratulations! It is now time to take what you deserve and have some fun! In order to claim your prize, all you need to do is go to the promotion page of Bonus Showdown and click on ” Draw My Prize “. Once you do, you will be able to take the cards available for you!

Keep in mind that in order to use your prizes you must withdraw the cards during the week they are granted to you and seize your bonuses at that very same round! Unclaimed offers will expire once the round is over!

So, What Are My Prizes?
A lot of prizes are waiting for you over here!

FREE SPINS on Avalon , Hot as Hades, Ariana, Sure Win and many others, a flat bonus of 2-100 credits (multiplied by 10X once playing in SEK), 100-5,000 loyalty points bonus , and double points on the featured game of that round for 24 hours!

These prizes and MANY OTHERS are waiting for you to discover them right now! Don’t wait any longer! Start playing and have some fun!