Why doesn’t the casino work?

Many fans of online casinos are faced with an unpleasant obstacle – the site refuses to load, displaying a blank page or reporting a blockage. Why doesn’t the casino work? The most popular reasons:

The state ban on visiting virtual gambling establishments. Many gambling casinos are blacklisted by internet providers.

Too many unnecessary files have accumulated on the device, which degrade performance and interfere with the work of some programs.

If you enter the casino through a separate program, then the first thing to do is to check if the antivirus or Windows firewall has blocked it, mistaking it for malware.

How to enter the casino

If the user is faced with one of the above problems, then you can try to solve them in the following ways:

To get around the state ban, you can easily change your IP address, then the system will consider the user a citizen of another country. The easiest way to do this is to install a VPN in your browser or download the Tor Browser to encrypt your internet traffic. The disadvantage of this method is that pages may load more slowly.  You can also bypass the ban using a mirror. First of all, you should check your e-mail – the administration can itself reset the address of the working casino mirror to the clients. Otherwise, you can search for the mirror address yourself, but you need to be careful here – scammers can use this to steal visitors’ data.

Another reason for the inaccessibility of the casino is the work periodically carried out on the server In this case, you can also go to the site through a mirror.

To clear the cache, just go to the browser history and select the “Clear history” item, then put a tick next to the “Clear cache” item. You can also clear the cache on your computer – for this you need to go to the “My Computer” section and click on the C-drive icon. The “Properties” menu will open, after which you should select the “General” and “Disk Cleanup” items. But be careful not to accidentally delete important files. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the “temporary files” and “temporary Internet files” options.

You can add the casino address to the exceptions for the antivirus. As a rule, for this you need to go to the program settings – there will be a section that allows you to add a URL to the whitelist. In the case of a firewall, you should open the control panel, where there will be a section “System and Security”. It is worth choosing the item “Permission to run the program” and tick the required software. If the required program is not in the list that opens, you need to click on “Allow other programs” and mark the necessary items in the additional menu.

Among other things, it doesn’t hurt to check for flash player updates and disable ad blocking plugins. Often, they are the reason for interruptions in the work of the casino website.

Where else can you find running casinos?

Every famous casino has a forum where customers communicate. Novice users share strategies with each other, listen to the advice of experienced gamblers. Here you can read reviews about slot machines, and in case of a problem – contact the moderators. Also, a working mirror address is often published on the forum. The mirror is practically no different from the main site. If the user has an account, he can easily log in to the mirror. However, it should be noted that its address is slightly different from the title site. For those who are accustomed to accessing a resource by entering a domain, as a solution to the problem, use a saved copy of the address. To do this, enter the casino link in the search box and click on the “Saved copy” item under the snippet. Then the user will be on the latest version of the resource, recorded by the robot during indexing.